The Quad Bomber

What do you do when you have a new quad and it’s near the Fourth of July? You make a quad bomber?

My quad was only using 4 channels, that left 2 unused. A little screwing with my DX8, an old servo box, a paper clip, some masking tape, spare servo, hot glue, a few zip ties and BAM: bomb bay. Fill that bay with the firework things that snap when they hit the ground, and you will be the envy of your neighborhood.

How To:

  1. Find a small box.
  2. Reinforce box with taps as needed.
  3. Hot glue old servo onto box. Servo arm should block lid from opening in position 1 and rotate so lid can swing free in position 2.
  4. Plug servo into Receiver and program Transmitter. With the DX8 I used the Gear channel. I also had to change the travel on the servo.
  5. Attach to quad.
  6. Fill with stuff.
  7. Enjoy.

Also, I should say that the DX8 has really helped with the overall quad project. I can’t say its user friendly, but after the learning curve it has made flying the quad a whole lot more manageable. DX8 Pro-tip: set up a quad as a Plane. Doing it as a helicopter is just asking for problems. Plus, when you want to expand your quad with things like bomb bays, setting up bay servo is a whole lot easier in Plane mode.


Here is a picture of me loading the quad. As you can see it’s a ridiculously simple device.

5 Responses to The Quad Bomber

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  2. I really couldn’t see the bomb bay. can you post close up pictures? thank you.

  3. Bogdan says:

    Very nice and simple. Perhaps you should add some metal balls in the mix to detonate the fireworks easier.

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